Key Points

  • Integration Platform
  • Provides Interconnectivity and
  • Open API Allowing 3rd Party Application
        Development and Customization

    Koncepts Energy Management uses a cloud based service delivery model. This means no software or servers need to be installed. All you need is a user ID and password to get started. More importantly, you can start small and scale without facing any limitations or capacity problems. This allows homeowners, SMEs and large MNCs to start managing energy usage pro-actively without a high initial investment. The Koncepts Service Gateway is installed where your electrical, water or gas infrastructure is located within the building. This is where all sensors and controllers, wired or wireless are connected to. These sensors stream real time data to the Koncepts Service Gateway. This real time data is pushed onto the cloud server which is then accessed through the User Interface via a web browser or mobile device. Likewise, control commands issued through the User Interface are sent to the Koncepts Service Gateway for execution. In buildings where there is a Building Automation System (BAS) in place, an adapter is all it takes to connect the BAS to the Koncepts Service Gateway. Internal Consumption Data from Koncepts Energy Management can also feed Meter Data Management (MDM) software for Utilities who require an AMR solution for billing.