Key Features

  • Real Time Energy Dashboard
  • Multiple Locations, One Centralized View
  • Powerful Visualizations, Advance
  • Hierarchical View with Drill Down
       Capability to the Socket or Appliance
  • Electricity, Water, Gas and
       Environmental Monitoring
  • Automated Meter Reading
  • Chiller Plant Analytics

    Businesses and building management today are faced with the challenge to reduce their energy consumption. With the increasing need for better energy management and optimisation of resource consumption, our metering solutions aim to help clients reduce energy usage costs and environmental footprints.

    With our next generation cloud based energy management solutions, all stakeholders in your business – from senior management, building management to employees, can actively participate in managing and optimizing the use of energy. We provide you with comprehensive energy intelligence that helps you make informed decisions to reduce energy usage, reduce operating costs and meet sustainability targets.

    Koncepts Energy Management gives you the capability to view and control your energy consumption in your property portfolio globally. Whether you own or manage a small office, building or a large portfolio of properties. Koncepts Energy Management provides a hierarchical view with advanced drill down capabilities that lets you analyze consumption patterns that is translated into easy to understand useful graphics that can be exported readily in different formats for presentations.

    Advance Energy Intelligence and Control across the Globe
    Ability to view and control energy consumption in your portfolio globally Hierarchical view with drill down capabilities

    Simple to Use & Simple to Install

  • Intuitive user interface
  • Non-intrusive, easily installed
  • No additional cabling required
  • Installed quickly

    No Software

  • Cloud based @ easily accessible on-the-go
  • No software installation or frequent upgrade downloads
  • Less hassle, less downtime, lower costs

    Measurement Parameters

    Energy   Voltage (V), , Current (I), Power (W), Active Power (kWh), Reactive Power (kVarh), Power Factor (pf), Cost ($), Carbon (kg), Frequency (Hz), THD (%)  
    Water   Flow Rate (l/min), Volume (cu M)  
    Gas   Flow Rate (cu M/min), Volume (cu M)  
    Environmental   Temperature(oC), Light Intensity (lux), Relative Humidity (%), CO, CO2  

    Note: Measurement Parameters are dependant on hardware

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