It allows installing additional sets of icons for rooms, devices, scenes, etc., without having to interfere with the graphics. We have also made it possible to change the arrangement of particular icons and to move them about in such a way so that the ones used most frequently are always close at hand. Thanks to the Everyday Activities Bar, which we have designed especially for our users so as they may create their own shortcuts to the scenes which they activate most often.

The Fibaro System makes it possible for you to control all the lights in the house using your mobile phone screen.
Control the climate in your house, according to your needs and expectations.
Thanks to the use of scenes, you won't have to perform individual, repetitive activities. Create a scene to automatically trigger many devices.
Use the Fibaro System to control roller blinds, gates, awnings and garden sprinkler systems.
It allows you to stay in touch with the members of your household and your guests. Call your son for dinner or invite some guests for a barbecue.
Manage the whole room, without having to use any sub-functions.
Control all the multimedia devices in your house using your mobile phone screen.
With Fibaro System, you will be able to see your house from every location on earth. Monitor your house when you're not there and always have it under full control!
Ensure the safety of you and your family by managing the alarm and the monitoring systems.
You can create your own shortcuts in order to facilitate access to a given room or scene.